Everyone’s vision of a dream wedding is different. Some people dream of getting married in a particular location while others picture the perfect wedding dress. No matter what a person wants to include in a dream wedding, there are plenty of decisions to make.

The Place

First, a couple has to decide where they would like to have their dream wedding. For instance, a couple may want to get married on a beautiful beach. This is a popular choice for people who want to be married in a particularly lovely setting. Some couples prefer to be married in the woods. Perhaps the couple frequently walked in a nearby woods while they were dating and the place has a special significance. A formal garden is another lovely choice for couples planning a dream wedding. This is an appealing setting for friends and family to gather. The location of a dream wedding often carries a great deal of significance for the couple.

The Dress

Visions of dream weddings often involve the bride picturing herself in an elegant, designer gown. If any bride-to-be wants the perfect dress to be a part of her dream wedding she should stop by a wedding boutique to try on some designer dresses to see what suits her. Generally, a bride-to-be will set aside five or six wedding dresses that she is considering, then compare those to find the one she wants to wear for her dream wedding.


When a couple thinks of a dream wedding the people who are there often play a big part in the vision. Some couples dream of a wedding with just a few guests made up of family and close friends. Others think of a dream wedding as including hundreds of guests who they either know well or are simply acquainted with. A dream wedding certainly has to include the people that are most special to both members of the engaged couple.


Many couples who are planning a dream wedding think about the transportation they will use on their special day. Toronto limousine can provide luxurious, reliable transportation to couples on their wedding day. In fact, by talking to the representatives at Toronto limousine a couple can find out the particulars such as prices and what a package includes as well as what sort of limousines are available. A limousine is traditional and elegant transportation that would suit the vision of practically any couple’s dream wedding.

Food and Drink

A couple must decide what sort of food they want served at their dream wedding. It’s a good idea for them to choose something they enjoy. The food at a dream wedding can be everything from lobster to organic pizza. It all depends on the tastes of the engaged couple. Wine, champagne, and mixed drinks are all popular choices for dream weddings. Once again, a couple should arrange for the beverages that they enjoy drinking themselves.

Every dream wedding starts in the imaginations of the happy, engaged couple!

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