It can take months of your time along with focused effort to plan an amazing wedding. This is a day that you may have been dreaming about for years or even your entire life, so it is understandable that you want it to be perfect. There are numerous details that must be researched, explored and finalized, and each of these details must ideally come together beautifully to create a magical, memorable event. There are so many details that you will need to plan for, however, that it is easy to overlook some of those little but every important things that can make or break your wedding and reception. Here are some of the most common details that are easy to overlook as you plan a wedding.

Table Décor
If you are like most brides, you have spent a considerable amount of time visiting various venues for your reception site. You had to find the perfect venue to accommodate the theme of your wedding, and that venue had to be available on your wedding date. After reserving the venue, you inevitably talked to a caterer and reserved musical entertainment. These are among the most obvious factors to consider for your reception. However, it is easy to overlook table décor. Everything about the tables from the tablecloth to the napkins and chair covers should be considered. Floral arrangements, candles and even lighting will also need to be planned for.

Personal Style
Shopping for your wedding dress has likely taken up much of your time and attention, and the subsequent dressing fittings with an alteration specialist may also have been time-consuming. However, your total look at your wedding day should be considered. The dress may be a major part of that look, but other factors like your hair, your make-up, your accessories and even your shoes and the garter are also important. If you have not done so already, meet with a personal stylist to discuss your complete look. You may consider engaging the stylist’s services on your wedding day to ensure that you look amazing.

Transportation on your wedding day is vital as well. You don’t want to leave anything to chance, so you want to schedule transportation for your entire wedding party to get to the ceremony site as well as to the reception site. In addition, you also want to consider your transportation after the ceremony as a couple as well as after your reception to the honeymoon suite. While some brides may choose to let everyone fend for themselves with regards to transportation, scheduling chauffeured transportation service provides you with the peace of mind in knowing everyone will arrive at the desired location on time.

The fact is that you can spend a lot of time focusing on the large details of the wedding, but the little details may be just as important. If you have not already considered these small but very important details for your wedding and reception, take time to explore the options available and to finalize the details today.

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