Unique, quirky and fun weddings are rapidly becoming more than just a trend in today’s trendy modern world. Religious-cultural fusions, arts and crafts guest books, create your own drinks and exotic theme weddings are now all commonplace. The one thing that has not changed when it comes to the wedding industry is the rising cost of services. For instance, the cost for an average 100 person wedding in a major metropolitan area is now close to breaking 30,000 dollars for the first time ever. What’s a prospective bride to do? One way to skirt the extreme cost of a full professional photography crew is to opt for a photo booth rental.

Photo booths seem like a hallmark of faded memories. Movie theaters, shopping malls and the boardwalk on the beach are really the only places photo booths are commonly seen anymore. Of course, that doesn’t make them any less fun. You and one or more of your friends can climb in, put on funky outfits or disguises and take a series of hilarious pictures to share later on. The same concept works for weddings, and can be applied in a number of different ways.

The first and most common use of a photo booth rental for a wedding is to set it up as a gift for your guests. It is common in today’s world for the wedded couple to give out small gifts of appreciation to all of their guests. In the past these included small radios, mix tapes, chocolates and even hand written notes. Things have changed a bit now, as wedding gifts have become much more fun and include recipe baskets, gardening seeds and supplies, flasks or fun disguises. The photo booth works in two ways as a gift to your guests; it allows them to take fun, goofy and most of all private pictures with their friends and then split the copies up for each to take home. No more waiting for a photographer to send pictures of your guests out, they can simply take their great pictures home with them.

Another great use of a photo booth in a wedding is to combine it with a guestbook. The wedding guestbook is a classic keepsake that gives the bride and groom a fantastic way to remember each guest who attended. Of course, it is normally just a book that guests sign with something heartfelt, or an expensive video produced by a company that records personal messages from guests. However, having guests use the pictures they take in the photo booth in combination with a guestbook is a fun and hilarious way to remember all of them. Supply the guests with scissors, tape or glue, stickers and markers and allow them to go wild pasting and signing their pictures and messages all over your book. The old saying rings true; a picture really is worth a thousand words. And a photo booth rental for a wedding can provide so much more in fun and amazing memories for everyone involved.

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