Everyone knows that planning a wedding is a massive undertaking. People spend lots of time and money making sure everything will be perfect for there big day. No matter how a couple plans their wedding, there will always be small details forgotten. Here are a few things that are often forgotten when planning a wedding:

Have Backup Plans for the Essentials
You have probably been warned that on your wedding day something will go wrong, but this is not the case. You simply must be aware that something might go wrong, and therefore, you should have backup plans for anything essential to your wedding. This includes: backup venues for any events that rain might affect, arrangements to get basic decorations such as wedding centerpieces to the venue if deliverers do not show. Make sure that you have a backup plan for everything that you could not possibly do without on your big day.

Make Emergency Kits
A growing trend for brides is to create emergency wedding day kits, and this is a great trend that savvy planners suggest couples extend to all the crucial players in their big day. Creating emergency kits for bridesmaids and groomsmen is also a great idea because these people will be better equipped to handle last minute emergencies with guests, wedding centerpieces, and venues. Some people go over the top with their emergency kits putting anything and everything they can think of in them. Remember that you only need to have things that you absolutely could not do without if something goes wrong, and you only need to have one of most of the kit items on site, so you do not have to put a lot of things in everyone’s emergency kit. Some great ideas for emergency kits are: scissors, bandage, hairpins, basic medicines, snacks, safety pins, sewing kits, deodorant, tape, tweezers, and instant stain remover.

Have a Go-To Person
It is critical that every couple have one or more persons designated to take care of all the last minute errands and tasks that are sure to come up. This could be the maid of honor or best man or another member of the wedding party, but sometimes it is good to give this job to another person, who can entirely focus on it, and it is great to keep this person up to date about their responsibilities via social networking before the event. This person should be someone you can completely trust, who ideally lives locally or at least has a car and will be available both before and after the wedding. Some often forgotten tasks this person can tackle include transporting gifts and the guestbook, setting up wedding centerpieces, return tuxes, pay DJs and caterers, donate left over flowers, and hold onto the honeymooners stuff while they are gone.

Remember what is Important
Never forget that, while planning your reception’s every detail, your wedding day is really about your marriage. Sometimes couples actually neglect the true essentials of their day. Other people can handle your DJ, the catering, the centerpieces, and the photographs: these are all just icing on the cake for your marriage. Remember no matter what to bring your marriage license and rings.

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