When you are putting your wedding together, you need to give a fair amount of thought to the flowers. The flowers that you choose for the reception and the venue are important, but by far the most important blooms are the ones used for your wedding bouquet. A wedding bouquet is an important part of your wedding ensemble, and just like your veil and your shoes, you’ll find that it adds to the essential effect that you create as you walk down the aisle.

Decide on the Shape
The most common wedding bouquet shape is a round or domed shape. This bouquet is small, and it does very well if you have chosen a very large and very elaborate wedding dress. A small and subtle bouquet does not try to fight with the dress, and it will not clash with any of the dress elements that you choose. On the other hand, if you have chosen a relatively simply bouquet, you will discover that a cascading bouquet, which has a long and elegant trail of flowers that fall down from the main bouquet, can be quite a lovely choice.

Single Flower Bouquets
Some brides love simplicity and charm, and that is where single-flower bouqets come in. A single flower bouquet uses a single type of flower, and ideally, this flower is varied enough on its own to create a rather lovely effect. For example, though they are wonderfully classic, roses on their own do not create enough visual variety for a single-flower bouquet. On the other hand, a more complicated flower like the bird of paradise is an excellent choice for this type of bouquet. For the bride who really loves simple things, however, there is nothing quite so charming has a handful of simple white daisies!

Single Flower Bouquets With Accents
The next step up in terms of complexity is the single-flower bouquet that has green accents. This is the classic choice when you want to walk down the aisle with roses, for example. The greenery is used to cushion the shape and the appearance of the flowers, and you will find that it can create a wonderfully lush effect. When you are looking for a traditional choice, this is the one for you.

Multi-Flower Bouquets
When you need a floral arrangement that is varied in both shape and flowers, consider a multi-flower bouquet. Multi-flower bouquets can be tied together based on their color or their shapes, but the key is always to make sure that they harmonize together. These bouquets are among the most complex, but a good florist can make sure that you get the perfect effect.

When it comes to floral arrangements, you will find that color is an important consideration. The most straightforward choices are white flowers, of course, but that does not have to limit you. Some brides opt for the passion of red roses, while others prefer a very demure pink. Choose the color that speaks to you. You can also match your flowers to your wedding colors.

Take a moment to consider what your options should be for your wedding bouquet!

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